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What is events management | How to start now!

What is events management | How to start now!

In ordinary office work, we always do our part sound and good. When the time comes like you are appointed to host an event organize a function or simply handle a company activity; we always fall in some kind of panic! Where to start, who to ask and what to do…

You stay on this page means you are seeking for answers for the above questions! And you’re in the right place! Let me show you some simple steps to start from scratch and save the day by only a few guidelines.

Event Management

Location, Location, Location

Book a relevant place for the event is always the first thing to do.Grab a few information notes from your boss to find the right location:

1. Number of guest and VIPs

Important to screen the size of the location and also take care of VIPs’     favorites.

2. How the food is served

A dinner would limit your choice like a beach or boat party. Where cocktail would go almost anywhere!

3. Is the media involved?

Media would climb over a mountain to get their juice, but if you wanted promotion by them, you must consider the convenience for them.

The banquet manager just wanted to boost sales!

Put a couple of play card in your pocket before picking up the phone!

  1. Check out pre-banquet work time like brochures preparation, backdrop set up and decoration. So you can ask for enough move-in time and move-out time. Just fight for more time for yourself!

2.  The venues always offer certain services like on location waiter service.All you need is asking!

3. Minor things push to the venues and save your headache. Like the built in stage, backdrop settings, and centerpiece. There would likely to have in house

Schedule the run down ON A PAPER!

Now you have the skeleton, find your fresh and plug-in the soul!

List down the must do items. And try to fill in the in between space with less important things. Of course not everything will be held by a host! You might consider getting your work mate to finish the job one by one.

Recruit the right person

You may need MC, game hosts, performers, AV control, decoration team

Get them all together might not be applicable all the time. Try to brief them once met.

And recap right at the time they arrived. Or just put all burden to a PR firm, only if you’ve got budget!

Just try to stay organized and you will find all things work as the flow of river.

That is you really has to get going and non stoppable. But things will end somehow!

So make it finished in a gorgeous way! Like the saying in showbiz, the show must go on.

Never and paralyze by any sudden bad news come to you, you may not find the solve but

You could definitely make things different. Enjoy them and you’ll have “Good Show!”And you never worry about event management anymore.