Custom Balloons How to choose

Custom Balloons | How to Choose

How to choose Custom Balloons

Custom Balloons have been used for marketing event for a long history.
No matter you are running a big event, product road show or simply running an outlet,  balloons always bring you the most eye catching and impounding images to customers out at the streets. Yet there are a few things to consider how to get the  balloons maker for your needs.


Plan ahead before browsing.

1. Color, color, color.
Take a look at what you really need and plan it up. As using the balloons to spread around, is it simply an attention drawing of you brand name. Or you wanted to recruit customers around? That change the way the balloons look! You may consider to make it multi-color printed if you wanted to recruit customers. To overwhelm the area of people with balloons of your company logo, make it single color and increase the amount would work better.
So decide the quantity and the ink colors as well as the balloons colors. That affect much on the price.

2. Determine the size is important. If it is used as a souvenir, 12” is perfect size.
You might wanted to bring a bigger size of 17” and wishing the customer would love its size. I can tell you that they(the kids) do love the big size. But the parents do not!
The inconvenience taking , and the fear of a bigger burst would stop them. Yet if you use them for helium floating balloons in event decoration, the bigger draw more attention!

3. Do you have an artwork or you wanted the manufacturer make it for you?
That might be charged even more! So if you have in house design or staff would work on the illustrating software. You might save a lot money.


Browse the Balloon manufacturers

  1. Google first to collect relevant manufacturer
  2. Dig in the price. Size, quantity, color would vary the price.
  3. The imprint mould , the silkscreen charge details, how they charge on your      specific need? Do they have extra charge of multi color or simply one simple charge. If you do not have an artwork, would they do it for you and how do they charge?
  4. Normal lead time.

Since you really do not know how their quality level. It is important to make a call and ask for the details that the net does not tell. Also you need to ask for certain samples of the related color and ink of your design. And hold them in hand and blow them up to see the really actual looks of the product. Of course, if they could also offer an sample making service, it is also even a perfect way to ensure the quality.
Anyway, that might need extra charge and extra time to finish. Consider if the time and budget is enough for the sample making.


Be sure to have compatible accessories for your needs. That is something like the balloon stick and cup for tying up the balloons. And balloon weights for helium floating balloons.
It is not quite a simple way to find a perfect custom balloon manufacturer.
But handle with care and using the above strategy, I believe that you could find yourself the perfect custom balloons.

What is events management | How to start now!

What is events management | How to start now!

In ordinary office work, we always do our part sound and good. When the time comes like you are appointed to host an event organize a function or simply handle a company activity; we always fall in some kind of panic! Where to start, who to ask and what to do…

You stay on this page means you are seeking for answers for the above questions! And you’re in the right place! Let me show you some simple steps to start from scratch and save the day by only a few guidelines.

Event Management

Location, Location, Location

Book a relevant place for the event is always the first thing to do.Grab a few information notes from your boss to find the right location:

1. Number of guest and VIPs

Important to screen the size of the location and also take care of VIPs’     favorites.

2. How the food is served

A dinner would limit your choice like a beach or boat party. Where cocktail would go almost anywhere!

3. Is the media involved?

Media would climb over a mountain to get their juice, but if you wanted promotion by them, you must consider the convenience for them.

The banquet manager just wanted to boost sales!

Put a couple of play card in your pocket before picking up the phone!

  1. Check out pre-banquet work time like brochures preparation, backdrop set up and decoration. So you can ask for enough move-in time and move-out time. Just fight for more time for yourself!

2.  The venues always offer certain services like on location waiter service.All you need is asking!

3. Minor things push to the venues and save your headache. Like the built in stage, backdrop settings, and centerpiece. There would likely to have in house

Schedule the run down ON A PAPER!

Now you have the skeleton, find your fresh and plug-in the soul!

List down the must do items. And try to fill in the in between space with less important things. Of course not everything will be held by a host! You might consider getting your work mate to finish the job one by one.

Recruit the right person

You may need MC, game hosts, performers, AV control, decoration team

Get them all together might not be applicable all the time. Try to brief them once met.

And recap right at the time they arrived. Or just put all burden to a PR firm, only if you’ve got budget!

Just try to stay organized and you will find all things work as the flow of river.

That is you really has to get going and non stoppable. But things will end somehow!

So make it finished in a gorgeous way! Like the saying in showbiz, the show must go on.

Never and paralyze by any sudden bad news come to you, you may not find the solve but

You could definitely make things different. Enjoy them and you’ll have “Good Show!”And you never worry about event management anymore.


Mark Six result changes your mind of your wedding?

Mark Six result changes your mind of your wedding?

Mark Six result change many people’s lives in Hong Kong.

It looks unrealistic to think about how my wedding would

look like if I get that kind of money.

But the very important concept is how you do

budget your wedding!

You might have millions dollars to spend on your wedding.

But how do you spend such lump sum to those all variable items.

That would be a disaster when you do not get any control on it.

See this is not a problem of inadequacy. But to make it as good as

you dreamed and cost as little trouble as you can be kind of art.

Here are some little hints to cut your headache.

1. First thing first. Book the venue and chapel in advance.

Even the place is an island;

you need to make up your mind.

The changing mind of the couples and other “authorities” would

not make the whole thing screw up.


2. Take you sweet photo before everything!

That is simple. And the photos will bring you encouragement to face

all the crazy mutiple items. And your face looks good in photos and

Don’t get interfere by the other troubles come a long way.

3. Find a good friend to serve you before finding the wedding planner.

The wedding planner only wants your money and makes you feel fine before

she leaves with the check. She might settle everything. But you paid the

price would be something more than money!

A good friend serves not for his pocket but relationships. He would be

a kind of relationship guard for you, your family, and all others!

It does not really that troublesome of a wedding!

On the bright side, you play a memorable role in your life and that is not

money can buy. Of course not a mark six result can change!

The Wedding Decorator| a good blog to visit!

The Wedding Decorator| a good blog to visit!

Recent days I visit a lot The Wedding Decorator. It is a blog well loaded with tons of photos and bright caption to make you catch the important idea of how the decoration is done.

Eventhough many many different styles of wedding come from all over the world might not be your cup of tea, I’m sure you could definately be inspired and get your idea on your wedding decoration issues.

How about a Moroccan style wedding to you!

The richness in content could bring you more than enough material to brainstorm how to decide you wedding style.

For those who try to look into how decoration means to your wedding, don’t miss the decoration section.
It is sure a lot useful information for you to go through!
A special item Blog Love shows you some individual couples marriage photos, of course you can have all those reference for your own wedding. Not like a cut off pieces, they bring you the whole concept of the wedding decoration.
If you are looking for your wedding venue, try Beautiful Venues. Although they are only a few links but sure to bring you good picture in your mind.
Hope you enjoy the site, it helps me a lot, The Wedding Decorator.





Wedding decoration teamleader






Wedding decoration meeting






Wedding decoration installation









Wedding reception table







把布每隔三尺, 用絲帶打一個蝴蝶結, 再用大頭釘把布條固定在桌邊。


Wedding backdrop


用場地提供的中英文字粒比較簡單, 大可利用.


注意透紗雖然柔和, 但若透現背板的深紅色,

看起來颜色就會深沉了!可選取SATIN, 既光鮮順直又不會透光.

如背板頂部有鈎, 可先用膠喉把布的頂部固定, 再掛起.


預算許可的話, 可直接購買兩座座地花擺設, 放在兩旁,


Wedding feast table


現時流行回禮小禮物, 若然採用場地提供的枱花, 可於枱花旁估做一個

“Hightea cake rack” 把小禮物一層一層放於小架上, 既是禮物,也是擺設!


雖說不難, 關健郤在人手分配上,下回再談!





wedding table



wedding backdrop











Chinese wedding decoraiton












Wedding signing ceromony



Wedding photographer




wedding atmosphere




結婚乃人生大事,大小項目實在不簡單。DecoShop 專題介紹結婚佈置的種種情況。先來—個點題,於這期逐—介紹。

Wedding venue


Wedding theme


Wedding decoration planning


Wedding decorator


wedding photo



Balloon decoration and Wedding decoration | Brings Brighter days