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The Wedding Decorator| a good blog to visit!

The Wedding Decorator| a good blog to visit!

Recent days I visit a lot The Wedding Decorator. It is a blog well loaded with tons of photos and bright caption to make you catch the important idea of how the decoration is done.

Eventhough many many different styles of wedding come from all over the world might not be your cup of tea, I’m sure you could definately be inspired and get your idea on your wedding decoration issues.

How about a Moroccan style wedding to you!

The richness in content could bring you more than enough material to brainstorm how to decide you wedding style.

For those who try to look into how decoration means to your wedding, don’t miss the decoration section.
It is sure a lot useful information for you to go through!
A special item Blog Love shows you some individual couples marriage photos, of course you can have all those reference for your own wedding. Not like a cut off pieces, they bring you the whole concept of the wedding decoration.
If you are looking for your wedding venue, try Beautiful Venues. Although they are only a few links but sure to bring you good picture in your mind.
Hope you enjoy the site, it helps me a lot, The Wedding Decorator.




結婚乃人生大事,大小項目實在不簡單。DecoShop 專題介紹結婚佈置的種種情況。先來—個點題,於這期逐—介紹。

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Wedding decoration in Autumn

Wedding Decoration ideas in autumn

Decide the big day on autumn surely brings handful of amazing colors.

For examples:browns,reds, golds and oranges. Make you wedding a great place with just a little creativity,together with the nature atmosphere, decorate the wedding to perfection. Lets share some thoughts on your wedding!

Wedding decoration in Autumn

1 To decorate a reception table or centerpiece of feast table, using glass bowl filled with water. place candles on it. And the most important thing is to add leaves on it to add the smell of autumn. Place also dried fruit to enchance the color.The lit candles on water reflects lights to make a romantic feelling!

wedding decoration centerpiece

2 Make a wonderful centerpiece with autumn leaves, brown plant, and autumn flowers. It is also a good choice for feast table, reception tabel, chapel decoration. Nothing easier than putting relative plant in a big glass vase, both dried and fresh is good to use.It is done fast and looks great!

wedding decoration centerpiece

3 Pumpkin lanterns add heavy autumn atmosphere on tables. Using small size pumpkin and add small flowers on it.Very good table decoration idea!

wedding decoration table decoratoin

4  Big pumpkins and red sunflowers show rich autumn color. Decorate all around tables entrance, even put on ground of chapel. That is a setting not only bring sharp colors but also filling the whole place with good scene.

wedding decoration centerpiece

5 Corn stalks table setting make the wedding environment full of natural smell and feelilngs.More and more idea for autumn wedding decoration, just put your creativity on work!